Domestic & Commercial Tree Surgeons

Tree Felling

Like all living things, trees have a natural lifespan, and some live longer than others. Sometimes tree removal is necessary, no matter how regrettable it might be.

Stump Griding

You can turn stumps into attractive garden features, like bird tables and benches, or leave them in the ground. We can grind out your stumps to below ground level, so you can turf or plant over them.


Pruning is often beneficial to trees. As your local tree specialist, we can help restore the health and appearance of your trees.

Emergency Call Out

Storm damage or hazardous trees that have fallen can cause potential damage to your home or property. We provide emergency tree services for such situations.


Commercial Tree Surgeons

KW Tree Care has provided tree surgery and planting to the commercial sector for the last 6 years with great success. We are big fans of ‘machines over men’ which means we can operate as smaller highly skilled, close knit teams whilst still having the ability to take on large jobs and clearances by utilising grapple saws, whole tree chippers, flails and MEWPs. This technique ensures we always have the best members of staff available and therefore do not need to rely on a subcontract work force.

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The Benefits of Hiring KW Tree Care

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Eliminating Safety Hazards
With our experience and knowledge, we can identify potential hazards and prevent them from occurring. As a result, we will be able to provide you with early warning signs that a tree is likely to fall during a heavy storm, or that the tree poses a fire hazard to your house.

Trimming and Organising
It can be difficult to visualize how the aesthetics and landscape of your garden will be affected in the early stages of growing trees.

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Commercial Site Clearance with KW Tree Care

In the event that you have an environment that needs commercial sire clearance, whether it’s to prepare a site for a new development or to remove waste and vegetation from your grounds, we have the expertise to help. We are experts in all aspects of site clearance at KW Tree Care, and we complete the job quickly, safely, and efficiently.

We have a highly trained and professionally equipped commercial site clearance team that can remove a wide variety of materials from your site, including trees, shrubs,

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